Quality Ingredients

We gather our natural ingredients from high quality sources and are committed to upholding organic standards.

Created on the Hawaiian Island of Maui.

Our products are hand crafted on the Hawaiian Island Maui. Our patron goddess is Laka, the Hawaiian goddess of the forest, herbs, sunshine, nature, hula and celebration.

Inspired by Nature

Sol Flower Botanicals is a Maui, Hawaiʻi based botanical company inspired by the bounty of nature. We can find all answers when looking to nature.

Leave No Trace Behind

Everything created is made with the Earth in mind. All containers are recycable and renewable energy is used whenever possible to create each product.

Health Benefits

All beauty products are delicately crafted to suite any hair or skin type. Damaged or Fresh, New or Old, Oily or Dry; each product can suite anyone who tries them. The secret is in the formula, because no harsh ingredients are used!

Human, Animal, and Reef Safe

All ingredients and containers are human, animal, and reef safe, making the environment happy when these products are used.

No Animal Products

All beauty products are made with plant ingredients only. This means that each formula is certified vegan, and handcrafted with the finest ingredients possible.

Protect from Sun Damage

Protect your cells from free radicals with potent anti-oxidants that provide protection & healing from UV Sun damage. Our Formulas are effective at improving skin tone & resilience.

Minimal Quanity Needed

Every product is designed to need a minimal amount needed to achieve the results that are desired. This not only saves money, but save containers and makes the products last longer!

Trustworthy Innovation

Each product labels exactly what is in each one, with no fine print and no secrets! All products are vegan, not tested on animals, naturally preserved, NO paraben, silicone free, and gluten free!

Quality Products Focusing on Natural Health

Every product is created with health as the #1 priority. All products are created from organic and natural ingredients, sourced from reliable and trustworthy sources. Each product states in full what each one contains.

Founder Orius Moringstar

Growing up in Hawaiʻi has given him an incredible appreciation for pristine environments and natural beauty. This appreciation is the basis for all my products and formulas.

Made with the Hawaiian Spirit

These formulas would not be possible without the Hawaiian spirit. Let the frequency of the Islands uplift your life! You can truly feel at home on the Islands with these products. Mahalo & Aloha!!

Popular Products

Skin Serum

Sun Care


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